TUK-'N-KARI™ Handicap Mobility Transfer Sling for Recreational Use

Handicap Mobility Transfer Sling for Recreational Use

Getting to the beach may be a very challenging task, especially if you’re an individual that has any sort of handicap mobility limitations. 

The Recreational Uses of  TUK-‘N-KARI™ Handicap Mobility Sling

Mobility Transfer Swing

Primarily recognized for emergency evacuations, the transfer sling can also be used in various recreational ways:

  • Reach pools, lakes and other inaccessible venues: everybody enjoys time spent in nature or outdoors. Unfortunately, numerous beautiful places are virtually impossible to reach with a wheelchair. The transfer sling is great for reaching such beautiful spots. If you’re organizing a picnic by the lake, you’ll most definitely need to have a transfer sling with you.
  • For camping: TUK-‘N-KARI™ is also great for camping and hiking in the mountains (both for recreational and emergency transportation purposes).
  • Transfer to an amusement ride: in a theme park or a county fair.
  • Transfer to a vehicle: a boat, a yacht, an airplane, a helicopter or a motor home.

The TUK-‘N-KARI™ is 100 percent water proof making it ideal for outdoor use. If you have a friend or a family member with limited mobility and you enjoy quality outdoor time together, the sling is an invaluable item to carry along. Since it is very lightweight, the sling can be placed in a backpack or luggage without taking up too much space or adding too much weight.

Transfer Swing to the Boat

It’s a Good Idea to have TUK-‘N-KARI™ with You at All Times

Whether you’re going for a walk in the park or you’re enjoying a mountain adventure, it’s always a good idea to bring TUK-‘N-KARI™ along. The sling is very compact when folded in its convenient carrying bag. Simply hang it on the wheelchair handle, and, if an emergency occurs,, you have an option for fleeing. If you’re the companion of a mobility impaired individual, make it a habit to always have the TUK-‘N-KARI™ with you.

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