About BDK Enterprises, LLC

Welcome to BDK Enterprises, LLC. I appreciate you taking the time to know about me!!!

I owned and operated STAT-MEDICAL, INC. First Aid and Safety Supply Company, Minneapolis, for over 15 years. One of the 100’s of products we provided our 4,000+ customers was the TUK-'N-KARI™. STAT-MEDICAL, INC. was recently sold. However, I retained the manufacturing of the TUK-'N-KARI™.

The TUK-'N-KARI™ was originally designed by a high school Physical Education teacher to transport his handicapped students from their wheelchair to the swimming pool. The special education teachers also found it extremely helpful in transporting wheelchair bound students up and down stairs. School bus drivers kept one on the bus in case of an emergency. Local police officers used the TUK-'N-KARI™ to handle intoxicated and disorderly citizens. Its uses are continually expanding.

One of the main reasons STAT-MEDICAL was so successful was our superior customer service and fast shipping. We always kept our customers informed regarding the status of their order. If an order was received by noon and was in stock, we shipped the same day. I maintain that same superior customer service with BDK Enterprises, LLC.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me here. You will hear from me!!!

Happy Shopping
Beverly Kopischke, President
BDK Enterprises, LLC

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