TUK-‘N-KARI™ Aids for Mobility in Emergencies

TUK-'N-KARI Aids for Mobility in Emergencies

The elderly and disabled need aids for mobility in emergencies. TUK-'N-KARI transfer sling can be used to assist mobility-impaired individuals in many situations including emergencies. This transfer sling is simple and effective for evacuations from a burning building and eases the task of rescue teams.

Most Common Emergency Uses

When you come to think about it, the emergency uses of TUK-'N-KARI are limitless. The transfer sling is made of tough heavy denier nylon – a material that will remain in good condition regardless of the circumstances. In addition, the sling, including carrying bag, is lightweight and is easily carried or stored when not in use. The transfer sling can easily be attached to a wheelchair, simplifying the task of evacuating mobility impaired individuals.

Some of the most common emergency uses of TUK-'N-KARI include:

Emergency Use Mobility
  • School emergency evacuation: the sling should be used during evacuation drills to help others understand how TUK-'N-KARI is used and how to help mobility impaired students get out of the building fast.
  • For all kinds of rescue: the use of rescue stretchers during emergency situations is sometimes impossible. Stairs can be narrow or winding will stand in the way of rescue workers and make the task of evacuation very difficult. A transfer sling is much more convenient and effective in such situations.
  • Evacuation during natural disasters: TUK-'N-KARI is the fastest option for getting a person from a home to a basement in the case of a tornado or to rescue vehicles in the case of hurricanes.
  • Inoperable elevators: Electricity can be shut off for a variety of reasons.
  • School Bus Evacuation: school buses occasionally have accidents, motor trouble, or have to be towed.

Who should have TUK-‘N-KARI™ Aids for Mobility?

Mobility impaired individuals will benefit from the practical appeal and potential of the transfer sling.

TUK-'N-KARI  is ideal for the evacuation of people suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, strokes, brain injuries or any other debilitating condition that impairs mobility.

The sling is particularly suitable for individuals who have limited upper body strength and people that suffer from balance issues, thus finding it very difficult to move from and into a wheelchair on their own.

TUK-'N-KARI measures 28 by 43 inches and it comes with PVC handles on both sides. The design is very functional, facilitating the emergency evacuation of both adults and children. The sling’s load capacity is 500 pounds and can be used to get most anyone out of a building in case of an emergency.

Many households and all institutions need to have several transfer slings available at all times. The emergency use of TUK-'N-KARI is just one of the options. This transfer sling has a vast range of applications and is essential equipment for assisting mobility impaired individuals.

In addition to quick evacuations in case of emergencies, the mobility sling can also be used in the home of a mobility repaired individual for recreational use and is essential in nursing homes, businesses and transportation facilities.

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