TUK-‘N-KARI™ Transfer Sling

The TUK-'N-KARI™ is a low cost transfer sling or portable stretcher for all mobility-impaired individuals. They can easily be carried by 2-4 people when it is inconvenient or impossible to use a wheelchair.

Tuk-'N-Kari Transfer Sling

The TUK-'N-KARI™ is currently being used for hundreds of physically handicapped people by families, schools, law enforcement agencies, businesses, nursing homes and emergency rescue squads. The TUK-'N-KARI™ is a must for stairs, narrow openings or inoperative elevators. The low center of gravity alleviates back stress in carriers. It does not replace a back or spine board in the case of neck or back injury.

Typical Uses of This Transfer Sling:

School Use


  • Navigate stairs when elevators are not available or inoperative
  • Emergency use for fires and fire drills and storm evacuation
  • School Bus evacuation
  • Transfer from wheelchair to swimming pool
  • The waterproof fabric protects against rain, snow and wind while waiting for the bus or on the playground
  • Use to sit on in showers when stool or chair is not available
Home Use


  • Transfer from bed to wheelchair
  • Navigate up or down stairs
  • Re-position in tipped over wheelchair
  • Evacuate to basement or storm shelter for tornadoes 
  • Evacuate to rescue equipment for hurricanes and other weather-related events
  • Transfer from wheelchair to car or truck
  • Sit on when car seats are hot or cold
Recreational Use


  • Wheelchair to beach, pool, or picnic grounds
  • When camping, use for narrow steps in motor homes and RVs; hiking; and camp fire and picnic sit-upon
  • Transfer from wheelchair to boat
  • Transfer to amusement rides
  • Transfer to airplane. train, and bus seats
  • Other recreational activities
Emergency Use

Police, Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, Nursing Homes, and Businesses:

  • Emergency Evacuation Device
  • Portable Stretcher

Affordable and Durable Mobility


  • has been constructed of heavy brown denier nylon
  • is weather resistant
  • measures 28"x 43"
  • has a handy PVC handle on each corner
  • has been tested to 500 pounds load capacity
  • weighs only one and a half pounds including matching carrying bag.
  • is proudly made in the USA
Weather Resistant Fabric

The weather resistant fabric and the design protects against inclement weather. Simply open the TUK-'N-KARI™ on the snap end

Emergency rescue

Emergency rescue is made easier with the help of the TUK-'N-KARI™ .

TUK-'N-KARI™ Carrying Bag

Included with your purchase is a convenient carrying bag.

Purchase a TUK-'N-KARI™ Transfer Sling:

If you are interested in purchasing your own TUK-‘N-KARI™ with carrying bag, you can purchase them directly from this site for your home, school, office or organization.